Kingston Town – Ub40

The night seems to fade, But the moonlight lingers on There are wonders for everyone The stars shine so bright, But they`re fading after dawn There is magic in kingston town (chorus) Oh kingston town, The place I long to be If I had the whole world I would give it away Just to see, […]

Homely Girl – Ub40

It must have broke your poor little heart When the boys used to say, You looked better in the dark. But now they`d give all they learnt in school To be somewhere in the dark with you The teacher would ask the questions And you, would always raise your hand But somehow you never got […]

The Best of UB40, Vol. 1 & 2 – UB40 Album

Released: 14 May 2005 2005 The copyright in this compilation is owned by Virgin Records Ltd The Best of UB40, Vol. 1 & 2 UB40 Album Song List Food for Thought 4:11 King 4:34 My Way of Thinking 3:24 The Earth Dies Screaming (Edit) 4:37 Dream a Lie 3:37 Don’t Let It Pass You By […]

Getting Over the Storm – UB40 Album

Released: 30 August 2013 2013 Virgin Records Ltd. Getting Over the Storm UB40 Album Song List Midnight Rider 4:09 Just What’s Killing Me 4:37 Getting Over the Storm 3:26 Blue Bilet Doux 3:27 If You Ever Have Forever 4:24 Crying Time 3:15 How Will I Get Through This 4:10 He’ll Have To Go 4:17 Blue […]