LoveHate Thing – Wale Ft. Sam Dew

Shout out to Marvin Gaye Love you then they hate you Then they love you again Hate you then they love you Then they hate you again [Hook: Sam Dew] Hold me tight, let me go Heal my heart, hurt my soul Build me up, break me down Make me smile, make me frown Give […]

Poor Decisions – Wale Ft Rick Ross & Lupe Fiasco

[Hook 1: Rick Ross] Rich niggas makin’ poor decisions Rich niggas makin’ poor decisions Rich niggas makin’ poor decisions Damn Rich niggas makin’ poor decisions All my little homies up in prison I’mma let you know just how I’m livin’ [Verse 1: Rick Ross] I can tell you’ bout the Mach Five I can show […]

Bad (Remix) – Wale Ft. Rihanna

[Intro: Wale] Heard about you You heard about me? Get it, what Cause I had some issues What, back at ya, bad girl [Hook: Rihanna] Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it But I sure know how to f-ck I’ll be your bad girl, I’ll prove it to you […]

The Gifted – Wale Album

The Gifted Wale Album Song List The Curse of the Gifted LoveHate Thing (feat. Sam Dew) 4:26 Sunshine Heavin In the Afternoon Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece) Vanity Gullible Bricks Clappers Bad (Remix) Tired of Dreaming Rotation Simple Man 88 Black Heroes Bad (feat. Tiara Thomas)