Handling My Business – T.I.

) [Intro] Hahaha, Hustle Gang ova everything, mane [Hook] I learned to as$ trap, multiply and defy While I’m handlin’ my business There’s a drought in the city, country nigga got the pies I’m handlin’ my business They say I gotta keep it modest, errbody talk about it Nigga tilt that coke, stack the tallest […]

Paperwork – T.I. Album

Paperwork T.I. Album Song List King 3:06 G’ Sh*t (feat. Young Jeezy & WatchTheDuck) 3:43 About the Money (feat. Young Thug) 4:29 New National Anthem (feat. Skylar Grey) 4:17 Oh Yeah (feat. Pharrell) 3:54 Private Show (feat. Chris Brown) 4:19 No Mediocre (feat. Iggy Azalea) 3:22 Jet Fuel (feat. Boosie Badazz) 4:50 Paperwork (feat. Pharrell) […]

Trouble – Migos Feat. T.I.

[Hook: Quavo] Pull up and I got a lot of work all on the freeway What nigga you know making M&M’s on a Tuesday Migo Gang, Hustle Gang, known to get it hustle everythang Migo Gang, Hustle Gang, known to get it hustle everythang Go out and hustle if you want the muscle man with […]

I Need War – T.I. Feat. Young Thug

[Intro: Young Thug] T.I.P and Young Thugger, nigga Yeah, you know [??] Ain’t nothing changed But the bezels and the rings Watches and the chains [Verse 1: T.I] Your future my past I shoot you ho as$ Just like a b1tch I do your ho hair My [???] You looking for action I’ll pluto your […]

About the Money (Feat. Young Thug) – T.I. Album

About the Money (feat. Young Thug) – Single T.I. Album Song List About the Money (feat. Young Thug) 4:30

Turn It – T.I.

(Hook) I’mma turn it it for the dopeboys ridin’ in the trap 50 pounds and that fire in they lap I’mma turn it for the bad hoes, aye holla when you see me You know I got this raw when you need it I’mma turn it for the pay roll, I need it in my […]

Bring Em Out – T.I.

[Intro: Jay Z snippet] (Bring ’em out, Its hard to yell when the barrels in ya mouth) Swizzie! (Bring ’em out, bring ’em out) Aye! (Bring ’em out, bring ’em out) T.I. (Bring ’em out, bring ’em out) Aye! [Verse 1] TIP comin live from the VIP, heard the night life lost life when I […]

Trey Songz – 2 Reasons Ft T.I

Tell the DJ turn it up Let the DJ bring it back Tell ’em play the shit again Tell ’em that you like that, like that oh Trey, I… got 2 reasons to be here, men All the bottles pop the bottle, haha I know it’s somebody’s birthday Right now, right now, right now, right […]

I Wish – Cher Lloyd Feat. T.I

[Cher Lloyd – Verse #1] Baby, I seen the chick you’re with, wish that I never did Freaking perfect and 5 foot ten, just wanna punch your lip’Cause I know I’ve been wasting time trying to get your eye Yeah I know that I been so blind thinking that I’m your type And now I’m […]