Rich Bitch – Rick Ross Feat R. Kelly

this is for my rich b1tches her puppy named panamera Her puppy named panamera ohh she got a condo in the area rich b1tch, uh, yeah she stay at her friends and all these b1tches is bad, watchin em lick on each other talkin pssy to as$ dope boy still at large tracking device on […]

It’s Your World – Jennifer Hudson Feat. R. Kelly

Didn’t say that you want from me But you can get it any time any place I’ll be your servant, your savior Everything you ever wanted baby Just make one wish And I’ll become your genie Your go-get-it, your “bring it back and give it to you” baby I walk over that rainbow and deliver […]

Do What You Want – Lady Gaga Ft. R. Kelly

Yeah Turn the mic up I feel good, I walk alone But then I trip over myself and I fall I, I stand up, and then I’m okay But then you print some shit That makes me wanna scream So do what you want What you want with my body Do what you want Don’t […]

Large Gangsta – R Kelly

fat nigger fat nigger (i need to feel the touch of a friend) im a fat nigger and that’s okay fat nigger fat nigger (the isolation gets me again) im a fat nigger and i am gay (i don’t know where to go) i like to fu(k kids every single day you show me the […]

Love Angel – JS Ft. R.Kelly

I wanna be your love angel….love angel [Verse One:] Sit here on the sofa boy Put your drink on this coaster boy And just sit back and relax your mind Cause you’re about to have a good time Cause you been working hard all day And now its time to get away Turn your phone […]

Black Panties – R. Kelly Album

Black Panties R. Kelly Album Song List Legs Shakin’ (feat. Ludacris) 4:26 Cookie 3:45 Throw This Money On You 3:40 Prelude 3:11 Marry the P***y 4:14 You Deserve Better 3:51 Genius 3:59 All the Way (feat. Kelly Rowland) 3:49 My Story (feat. 2 Chainz) 4:26 Right Back 3:26 Spend That (feat. Young Jeezy) 3:42 Crazy […]

Touched a Dream – R. Kelly

Lyrics (Talking) Girl you just don’t know Last night was incredible. Listen. Check it out. Last night, I felt the skies open up and rain down heaven Last night, I felt the sun, the moon and the stars come together Last night, I heard an angel speak to me he said us forever And while […]

Genius – R. Kelly Album

Released: Sep 24, 2013 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Genius – Single R. Kelly Album Song List Genius 4:00

We Been on – Rich Gang Feat. R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, Birdman

[Hook: R. Kelly (Birdman)] It ain’t nothin but cigars, audemars Got too many foreigns, you need a passport to walk in my garage It ain’t nothin’, nigga, ain’t nothin’, nigga Take a lifetime to spend money this long, nigga, we been on (Uh, nigga, we been on, we done came up) (From them red cups […]

Untitled – R. Kelly Album

Untitled R. Kelly Album Song List Crazy Night (feat. R. City) 3:34 Exit 4:06 Echo 3:58 Bangin’ the Headboard 3:14 Go Low 3:51 Whole Lotta Kisses 4:30 Like I Do 3:40 Number One (feat. Keri Hilson) 4:20 I Love the DJ 3:45 Supaman High (feat. OJ Da Juiceman) 4:24 Be My #2 4:52 Text Me […]