Good Drank – 2 Chainz Ft Gucci Mane, Quavo

Used to treat my mattress like the ATM, yeah Bond number 9 that’s my favorite scent, yeah Can’t forget the kush, I’m talking OG, yeah Rest in peace to pop, he was an OG, oh yeah 285 I had that pack on me, uh I cannot forget I had that strap on me, yeah Rest […]

Guwop – Young Thug Feat. Quavo, Offest and Young Scooter

[Hook: Young Thug] I done put 20 inside the Civic I pull up on you and pop at your kid I pull out your rocket and pop at your wig I hopped out the Coupe and I’m fresh as a b1tch Since I was a youngin’, I been gettin’ dough I came right back in […]

Can’t Go Out Sad – Migos

[Intro: Quavo] Yeah Talk to me See this day and age, these young niggas getting paid [Verse 1: Quavo] Wrist clear, Sprite, yuh Mike Tyson bite, yuh Cup real dirty, yuh Motorcross bike, yuh We don’t fist fight, chopper real life Double seal tight, Detroit got me right Piccolo green it’s millions, and the old […]

F-ck Cancer – Young Thug (Feat. Quavo)

[Intro: Young Thug] Ay fu(k cancer, shout out to Boosie (real spit!) I fu(k your main b1tch, I gave her cooties (Slime Season, let’s get it) Hey! [Hook: Young Thug] Get it all, my niggas, yeah they with it Cause these pssy niggas hatin They trying to knock me off my pimpin’ I’m a boss, […]