Out of Control – Pupil

It’s a dust Colored day Time to roll In the hay Got my batch Got my books And a pocketful of hooks We don’t need No simulation Coz we got The combination We’re out of control We’re out of control Choppers high On the beach Out of mind Out of reach Gonna roar Like a […]

Limiters of the Infinity Pool – Pupil Album

Released: 21 January 2011 2011 Sony Music Entertainment (Philippines) Inc. Limiters of the Infinity Pool Pupil Album Song List Let Her Rip 4:13 Distortion 3:40 Tnt 4:34 20/20 5:19 Pikit Bukas 4:07 Pusakal 3:34 Pampalakas 3:27 One, Two 2:09 Obese 3:35 Deft Mechanic 3:01 Morning Gift 3:32 The Low End 4:41

Beautiful Machines – Pupil Album

Released: 09 November 2005 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (Philippines), Inc. Beautiful Machines Pupil Album Song List Different Worlds 3:59 Blow Your House Down 3:15 Nasaan Ka? 3:04 She Talks to Trees 3:34 False Alarm 3:28 Gamu-Gamo 4:03 Mary 4:18 Hypersober 2:39 Dulo Ng Dila 3:55 Beautiful Machines 4:46 All This Time 3:33 Dianetic 4:17 […]