To the Moon – Phora

(Chorus) She said she never been in love, All she did give her love, Eveyone they only take her love, So U Scared of love, I don’t blame you love, Let me be the one to show U love, That need somebody just to hold you love, That show U off like a trophy love, […]

Sincerely Yours (Deluxe Edition) – Phora Album

Sincerely Yours (Deluxe Edition) Phora Album Song List Sincerely Yours 3:45 Summer Nights 3:18 Forgive Me Mother 3:11 Tell Me 2:55 Catharsis 3:22 A Lil Liquor (feat. Eskupe) 3:16 Father 3:30 Motivated 3:31 Stick ’em Up 3:42 Stuart Little 3:16 The Root of All Evil 3:34 Swapmeet Steelo 2:55 No Other Way 2:37 As Time […]

Make You Feel – Phora

Listen Long, long enough you can love me. I’ll be just yours You can hold me, even let you undress my mind. Save it play it watch it then press rewind. I can give you what you need I can give you what you need [Verse 1: Phora] Yeah, I could give you what you […]

One Life to Live – Phora Album

One Life to Live Phora Album Song List Hope 4:53 Pain 3:13 What It’s Like 4:34 No Matter What 4:09 The Old Days 4:27 Tears of an Angel 3:14 Home 3:11 Secrets 3:40 The Breeze 3:00 Make Some Way (feat. Gavlyn) 3:43 Mercy (feat. Illwerd) 3:28 Nothing Like 2:36 The White Owl 4:45 Thankful 3:24

Forgive Me Mother – Phora

Verse 1 : He had the, heart of a soldier in a city full of bandits, Ran with the cold spirits, Couple of bad habits, Heart full of pain and a pipe full of magic, Gettin him high, Hes feelin like hes READY TO DIE, But his girl just told him shes pregnant he dont […]