Ridin Solo – Njomza

You said that you’d come back around So I waited here for you It feels like things are different now Don’t know what’s false or what’s true So I take myself somewhere far Somewhere new I can’t feel you What am I supposed to do? I won’t look back on things that don’t look my […]

High – Njomza

[Verse 1: Njomza] Baby just light it up and take a puff Hit it one more time til u get enough And I’ll be waiting right here It’s all for you my dear Baby let’s not fight Let’s set the mood right Keep floatin’ movin slow Tonight you’re winning we gon get [Hook x2: Njmoza] […]

Nightmare – Njomza

Don’t you ever think of leaving me Cause baby we are meant to be My heart beats uncontrollably, yeah When you are all around me Anywhere you go it’s fine You know I’ll always find you Even when you’re all alone You’ll feel me right behind you So please look back Don’t leave, I don’t […]