Winds of Change – Neverwake

Well, with the broken mind yearning for repair Hands are tied from new-found strife But you can’t see it there I don’t want to walk away But I don’t think I can stay I don’t want to turn the page But this chapter has been laid to rest in peace Winds of change blow through […]

Mine to Reap – Neverwake

Now it’s time to draw the line (Cognisant liar) Judgement for your wicked crime (Your days of fire) You can’t attempt to fade There’s something you’ll *obtain* This isn’t something that you can escape RISE! Veracity, is this who we’ve come to be? FALL! I’m on your knees Now your soul is mine to reap […]

Widowmaker – Neverwake

I run so far away Away from everything When I’m in the light My shadow tells me no lies On top of all my pain The mirror shows my shame I can see the scars are deep inside I can’t believe that I went wrong These walls were once so strong They held me from […]

Monster of My Own – Neverwake

I’ve had this happen too many times Where I have died, just trying to save your life You’ve got to be another enemy A treachery Someone I don’t want by my side You lift my feet up off the floor You suffocate me even more I see the beast in you now Why are my […]