Ola (Foreign Friend) – M.I.A.

(Nants) They call me a ruler, trend setter, makin’ life feel better Breaking order like a leader now follow Poppin’ a collar, yea hustle a dollar You can’t touch us like MC Hammer Eat my mum’s string hoppers, jump in the chopper Yea, chop up a mango with salt and pepper Holla, holla, holla, true […]

Platforms – M.I.A.

Neon lights on the dust on the ground on the bus Dirty roads makes that scarf wrap a must Rolling by scrolling for the future on the app Data mine my mind like a diamond in the ruff Platforms here’s a train of thought Getting to the bright side of me is why I fought […]

Can See Can Do – M.I.A.

Checking my headphone staying until dawn Doesn’t make a difference if they all become the same form Looking back at history, yeah all the things that it’s changed Some things are just do, and some things are just don’t Can see, can do, can see can do, can you? Can we get past history, wanna […]

Matangi – M.I.A. Album

Matangi M.I.A. Album Song List Karmageddon 1:34 Matangi 5:12 Only 1 U 3:12 Warriors 3:41 Come Walk With Me 4:43 aTENTion 3:40 Exodus (feat. The Weeknd) 5:08 Bad Girls 3:47 Boom Skit 1:15 Double Bubble Trouble 2:59 Y.A.L.A. 4:23 Bring the Noize 4:35 Lights 4:35 Know It Ain’t Right 3:42 Sexodus (feat. The Weeknd) 4:50 […]

Unbreak My Mixtape – M.I.A.

If you ever need and I have to give up everything that I believe Life is nothing but just a fantasy Cause you took away the love that’s left in me Please talk to me, did you ever fight for me? And how can I stand by you if I can’t find my feet? Now […]

Only 1 U – M.I.A.

There’s only one you, you, you, you (3x) Ding (12x) Just cause the game is up Didn’t mean I didn’t win I got three aces and a king I begun love of financiable things That’s why my instincts kicks in Matter if you win It’s based on what you bring That’s the feeling in the […]