H.O.T – M.E.

Enjoy! [Hook] Yeah I am H.O.T I am H.O.T Hot Boi x2 I am H.O.T I’m H.O.T. Hot Boi I’m running chain burn and you won’t getta second turn I am H.O.T H.O.T Hot boi x3 I’m running chain burn and you won’t getta second turn [Verse 1] I shoot Volcanic Rockets, pockets filled with […]

Rap Vortex # 75 – M.E.

Lyrics It’s time to duel Hold up just a sec Lemme get my deck then you will lose I Hirapop so screw the rules My hair was blond but it ain’t no more it’s gone Two words four words now six I Summon out a mix of rhymes I play a couple flows face down […]

Star – M.E.

Lyrics: [Intro] [Verse 1:] I was born a star But let’s not take it too far Bring me back down to Earth Rap these words from hurt I felt since I was a seed in the dirt You can hear the burst of energy I cover well like wrap meat Well I should be what […]

Poke’Rap # 74 – M.E.

Lyrics I’m a Flamethrower better catch this Fireblast And a Rapidash Fly when I get on stacks Overheating the game watch it throw Tyrantrums Flick ya little Talonflame I’m bout to burn this anthem When the mic is in my hand I rip it into a Doublade Cuttin up these lames and bag’em into a […]

Rap God – M.E.

Lyrics [Verse 1:] Let’s jump straight into these lyrics Everybody wanna hear it real quick You depictin of my verse of words before I rap it Shows how much you lack sense of realness you feelin…. you feel me [Chorus:] I’m beginning to feel like a…hold up better bring that back I gotta attitude when […]