Breakdown – M.E.S

Da … im the buster but, i don’t make fuss you can trust that ill be in a rush cos this isn’t e,nough the skill level isnt at the right height … and the songs never light the fire to hype people can unite with what im saying if there thinking alike well unless i […]

The 900 Number – M.E.S

im not looking for an answer im lookin for someone giving out hand outs and its cheap but not like a lap dance but thats a,gainst the point if i, ever had that slappin tracks are the, main thing i want and the main thing i need an excuse to flaunt its, rubicon flow but […]

Hood Gone Love It – M.E.S

I, stop take a listen take it in don’t wanna be missing cos a High of percentage of my time is wasted just trying to fit in … but when I get into my own groove got nothing To prove now I’m the, best that you could do … let me focus no one noticed […]

Get No Better – M.E.S

it, gets no better i had hell of a time without a hell of a rhyme its all irrelevant now telling the crowd how to act is all good but un,less you do it properly its gonna be awful … really i be acting awkward no smile portable personality its via mobile give an inch […]

Slam – M.E.S

slam let the boys be boys we wanna voice our selves and enforce our laws its kinda like we wanna delve and our choices all make sense but not to you, so you slam our noise … i got a plan of action of impacting the mainstream media and, changing nothing but, hating on the […]

All Caps – M.E.S

i go, on a break beat when i wanna break beats and i, go to the heats and take a break to eat can’t, cap my hub, thats a home thats a enough ain’t, rough but what i release from it is damn tough … theres a band wagon you can hop on but hand […]

Daily 16’s Day – 2 on M.E.S

maybe i don’t have a voice for rap whats worse than that no rehearsing that no, way to attack it, no way to hack it got beef with myself and no hatchet … if i had a plan i would hatch it … but i can’t find new ground to latch onto and i know […]

Walk on by – M.E.S

my, flow is but a remedy you dont get ahead of me and its something that you never seen spittin it this clean … if i see you, take my place heavily … ill, cut you off, like a vasectomy … if your desperate to get on my level then i will take it envelop […]

Senior Skip Day – M.E.S

Daily 16 day #238 LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK All rights go to: Mac miller … its the chill flow makin you sit back no get go stuck you sat down like geckos wait yo, lets kick it do it to my sound in your ear drums dope and then some … i be settin up a […]

Shine on – M.E.S

put the, shine on the money and laugh cos its funny and half the people carryin out the act are on crack … its the drug the lady killin touchy feeling now you got so many stacks, you can touch the ceiling your, reeled in, in the building, your building yourself an image but the, […]