Mind Right – Kamproduction

[Verse 1: Cee] Grinding till I die that the shit I’m supposed to do Lif you brought them through now the b1tches wanna toast to you She throw it back I did it for a closer view I got her exposed to the life now I’m tryna smoke a few I feel it in my […]

So We Pray – Kamproduction

[Verse 1: LIF] Secondary school programs Selling grams this is me who I am Felt the streets in my heart Got a piece with a start My experience is great Write a master piece of art Flowing like I’m Noah’s ark Been rapping N.O.P know that Real niggas follow me the rest of yall can […]

This Is the Life – Kamproduction

[Hook: LIF & Kam] It’s my life how you gone tell me what to do with it (this) I’m on the right path (path) you on that stupid shit (shit) Living that high life (life) stay in the spotlight You can’t tell me what to do it’s my life( it’s my life ) x2 [Verse […]

I’m the Man – Kamproduction

[Verse 1: LIF] Still buying bottles still getting wasted Money chases rich faces on dollars and coins Black faces on bullet shells and morals on t-shirts R.I.P it reads how we succeed Call my main b1tch she live up on the hills She don’t smoke weed but she get off on them pills When I […]