Tokimeki Sugar – K-On!

taisetsu na anata ni karameru soosu guranyuu tou ni buraun shugaa taisetsu na anata ni karameru soosu meipuru hachimitsu wasanbon Karamel Sauce für dich, Liebster. Gebräunter Zucker, brauner Zucker. Karamel Sauce für dich, Liebster. Ahorn, Honig, fein-Korn Zucker. anata no tame ni karameru soosu watashi no haato mo karameru soosu choppiri kogetsuichattemo anata no hikagen […]

Fude Pen (ENGLISH) – K-On!

Lyrics Oh my hand is trembling My pen won’t stop shaking As I’m writing to you, my first greeting card Overflowing passion I’ve got to take action If I miss this one chance, I might burst I imagine your smile, And I want to show you how great of a person I can be Grasping […]

My Love Is a Stapler – K-On!

LYRICS Why is it this way? I can’t help but to focus just on you… My approach muddles up, so instead I’ll write these affections down Sorry if my quirks tend me to come off being a bit bizarre But the way you tug on my strings makes the flow of the paper grow This […]