Poised With This Poison – Joel Faviere

Take away all the doubt and fear I swear some day I’ll get out of here I swear I learned my lesson, I’ll never forget But every time I listen the louder it gets They tell me “pick a poison, its a trap, let them all in, ain’t that bad” This feeling in my brain, […]

World – Joel Faviere

Ah all of me’s dead and gone I don’t know anymore Ah I don’t owe anyone I guess I’ll laugh it off Hold up I need a hand Break up & leave again I believe anything breathin and standing Falling apart is a habit I handle Bleeding as a bright as candle Gimme a spark […]

Not Just Me – Joel Faviere

I can’t hear the sound Of my heartbeat breaking When we’re going down, down When did your heartbeat start to beat me up? When did your heartbeat start to beat me up, to beat me u-up? Its not just me Its the others I can see Its the others I can see Its the others […]

Cat Eyed Glasses – Joel Faviere

Cat eyed glasses looking like magic Extravagant, dramatic May I take the one in plastic? Tipsy and tragic. Make out in the attic arachnid has-beens Losers & faggots Such a pretty outcast Just leave me alone. .. never mind. Why did you go? Why did you go? Princess you’re dope. I’m alone. I’m al-o I’m […]

Maybe Two, or Twenty – Joel Faviere

Sometimes. I kiss my scars. Its over with Is this it? Sometimes. I breathe in deep. Lungs close up I wish you married me. Sometimes. I break down. Give up everything. But then I think. About you, You’re so strong. Its been 2 years since we even talked. But I still call hoping youll pick […]

T.a.l.k – Joel Faviere

I heard shes running from reality To me that sounds so saddening. And when she asks me where to go I don’t know what to tell her. See now its on my mind My hearts what you find, every time you let it slip by. You know it kills me when you cry But it […]

Hopelessly Pathetic – Joel Faviere

I’m your secret weapon You only bring me out when you forget him My reason for prescriptions and I can only hope that they get written You’re my Common misconception Always teaching lessons in deception The epitome of reckless I was hopelessly pathetic I was hopelessly pathetic I hope that you don’t regret it Tell […]

Stupid & Anxious – Joel Faviere

You talk a lot about me now. But I stay disconnected I really really learned my lesson. You packed a punch that knocked me down. You use to leave me so damn breathless. The knock to my door, the lock to my necklace. Just talk to me more, I don’t care that I’m reckless. My […]

Troubled – The Troubled Touch

I don’t think I’ll last much longer This shame is getting stronger It seems I’m growing weak inside Here I stand with my back against the wall I climbed so high up this mountain just to fall So I’ll try And just bite the bullet I know it’s crazy but um What’s the point when […]

If You’re Watching After Me – Joel Faviere

I woke up alarmed the scene of the dark I run to you’re bedroom door you’re incident eyes stare back at mine I couldn’t believe that sight this isn’t real body so still a portrait of a good fight good fight good night when I’m falling deep down under I’m always gonna wonder if you’re […]