New Atlanta – Migos Ft Young Thug Rich Homie Quan Jermaine Dupri

[Intro: Jermaine Dupri] Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo I told ya’ll niggas a long time ago Come fu(k with my city, nah mean Rich Homies, Migos, Young Thug, and me motherfu(ker [Hook: Quavo, Rich Homie Quan, & Young Thug] (Welcome to Atlanta baby) You never been to Atlanta Welcome to new Atlanta – Phantoms on-top […]

Pop That Booty – Marques Houston Ft Jermaine Dupri

[Intro:] yeah,come on One more time JD, MH So So Def is in the building MH and Pied Pied Pied Pi Piper MH and Pied Pied Pied Pi Piper We get the girls so so hyper We make ’em say dad a dad a da [Verse 1:] Pulled up to the party In a black […]