Dreams – Freestyle

Back in action like Lebron back in Akron, The people back to asking who they think the greatest rapper. And when I say myself its like I’m in a wave of laughter But I seek to find the humor cause it aint no other answer its me. I aint got no money, cars, fame, or […]

Don’t Panic – Freestyle

Baby hope you have my baby and we don’t plan it I’m poppin Paxil, yeen gotta tell me don’t panic I plan to be the best I hope that God don’t-can-it and leave my brain more lost in this whole-planet whole-planet, cold-mannered, so-ham-with flow-and-it’s so damning, dreams of me killing people is so random lil […]

Shady Cxvpher – Eminem ,Freestyle

(My name is Marshall I’m repping that motherfu(king Motor City, b1tch) I just turned Slaughterhouse to a quintet Began to trend-set, murdered the friend’s pet Made shit as ill as it can get went in depth Like a fu(king vignette and two bars skins wet I’m already covered in sweat I wasn’t even ready to […]

Moment 4 Life – Freestyle

If i could change the fact I would change that I ever got arrested I ain’t never going back They put me in chains Then they put in the bars I was fu(king stoned I ain’t even see the car God damn its the cops We was getting lit On the mother fu(king block I […]

Ludacris – Hot Nigga,Freestyle

Excuse my absence People been out here burnin’ bridges It seems I gotta remind you motherfu(kers who I am You know what they call me, Luda Have some more fun with these niggas, man Let’s go Yeah, in Atlanta, been that hot nigga On my second term like Barack, nigga Lyrical abuse when I’m in […]

My Brothers – Freestyle , Bhop

Me and my brothers run your city like its undiscovered, Till we see complete destruction. We like Columbus of the struggle, we balling on a budget eating catfish nuggets for supper. We chase the women but respect our mothers. But undercover, we just scared of what the future holds, Scared to take the challenge when […]

Mariah – Bhop,Freestyle

I met this girl the other day, Her name was Mariah. She talked to me once and I was living in desire. I told her that I love her and she said I was a liar Baby aiming for my heart and I aint talking bout a sniper. So we started dating and I’m thinking […]

0 to 100 – Freestyle

its Big l_l for one last time to show who’s the real king of the rhyme got this win in the baggie shoutout to all A&M Aggies one man, one dream, dont intervene forget the past, its 2014, like a stoplight..yo im goin for the green never step down to your foes, mines always lose […]

Ny State of Mind Nas – Freestyle

This is the music of a misdirected college student, Thinking bout his future but influenced by the young and ruthless The dumb and foolish who assumed that I could never do it, Now they looking stupid cause I’m Shining like I’m Stanley Kubrick, They say the youth is useless, but we just need affection. And […]

Song a Week 23 – Freestyle

I call this the interlude For the next song a week Some people may think it’s cheap, I’m cheating, but it kinda counts cause I’m making it up now Well that didn’t rhyme but I don’t have the time to Keep on comin’ at you this way, baby Gotta get a move on Gotta finish […]