Alfred’s Gorilla Tips – Finger Protection for Playing Guitar

Alfred’s Gorilla Tips – Medium Gorilla Tips are a precision molded transitional tool that offers the ultimate solution for sore fingers experienced when learning to play guitar. Each Alfred’s Gorilla Tips set somes with 4 washable, reusable, durable fingertip protectors that the guitarist places over the tips of the fingers that touch the fretboard. Shipping […]

Herron’s Flying Fingertips

Herron’s Flying Fingertips Herron’s patented solution to ease fingertip pain and discomfort associated with learning to play stringed instruments such as guitar and ukelele. Herron’s Flying Fingertips are handcrafted in the USA. Herron’s Flying Fingertips is perfect for anyone who plays or wants to learn to play a stringed instrument. They work perfect for acoustic guitar, […]