Fly – Jessica Feat. Fabolous

Invisible angaessoge nareul chajayaman hae Yeah jageun bulbit geu huimangeun sangsangmaneurodo You’ll find nopeun goseul hyanghae soneul ppeodeo bol ttae daheul geotman gateun neukkim barawatdeon naldeul gakkawojin geolkka jeo haneure geuryeojyeo Just spread your wings jeo kkeutkkaji gaseum ttwineun soril ttara du nuneul gamgo kkumeul pyeolchyeobwa You’re a hero you can fly You can fly […]

The Young OG Project – Fabolous Album

The Young OG Project Fabolous Album Song List Lituation 3:41 We Good (feat. Rich Homie Quan) 4:16 All Good 3:45 You Made Me (feat. Tish Hyman) 4:10 She Wildin’ (feat. Chris Brown) 3:49 Ball Drop (feat. French Montana) 5:24 Bish Bounce 3:59 Rap & Sex 4:29 Gone For the Winter (feat. Velous) 6:16 Cinnamon Apple […]

Maniac – Tyga Ft. Fabolous

(Hook) Who’s that creepin in my rearview? Niggas better duck round me Cuz I got drama, Chevy with the scrape doors open Low ridin on these west side streets I got drama, fix that letter homie, fix that attitude around me Cuz I got drama Put my whole team on, now niggas can’t sleep fu(k […]

Money Ain’t No Issue – Meek Mill Ft Future & Fabolous

Sipping on patrón nigga My b1tch bad to the bone nigga She fu(ked up, I’m fu(ked up She like how we gon’ get home nigga I can’t smoke that strong nigga Swear that’s word to my PO That lil chick to expensive for you Ill take her back like repo Say, shorty want a pair […]