Yung Von Ent – D Pryde Album

Yung Von Ent D Pryde Album Song List 707 Anthem 3:01 Google GstatisTv 2:16 Detox 2:54 Party Town 3:47 All She Wrote 2:37 Kush 3:19 Just a Dream 4:40 My Swag Go 4:51 Your Girl On Me 3:28 Spaceship 3:51 Mac 3:40 2 Da Moon 3:37 Back of The Club 3:28

Bottom Dollar – D-Pryde

[Verse 1] Well hello, and hi there Never knew you were weird like me Thought I was the only one Now it seems like I’m not that lonely Can’t believe your boy don’t understand you And it seems like you don’t love it And I think we have more in common So think twice We […]