Empty Now – Gnash

(feat. Cisco Adler & Goody Grace) [Goody Grace:] (Empty now) Like a forty ounce you bought me out Turned around I’m empty now (empty now) What goes around, comes around, turns around I’m empty now (empty now) [Gnash:] You and me, we’re made to go together If you don’t see that, I don’t see us […]

LEMONADE – Cisco Adler Ft. Yelawolf, Dirt Nasty, Johnny Polygon

Cisco Adler: I fell in love with a girl She tastes like lemonade, she tastes like lemonade Yelawolf: Waitress at the Ponderosa, bringing me lemon pie and a Coca-Cola Couple of thoughts I can ponder over What would you look like inside of my trunk? Maybe an ornament, a trophy of sorts I’ll take you […]