I Just Want Some Skank – Circle Jerks

empty frame on the wall cat & mouse when you don’t call all I do is think of her t.v. screens picture’s blurred so take it away! take it away! every night the scene is set I’ve got to drink to forget I cannot incur this debt where’s the gun? here’s my head! let’s go […]

Paid Vacation – Circle Jerks

I hope you’re having fun. Where’s your uniform? Where’s your gun? Better rub up that suntan oil ’cause you’ll be fighting in the hot sun. It’s not..Vietnam, just another oil company scam. Salute that flag of Uncle Sam. Get your money out, place your bets… it’s Afghanistan! Fix bayonets, check grenades. Got enough bullets, got […]

World Up My Ass – Circle Jerks

I’ve got the world up my as$ and i’m gonna move fast be the first won’t be the last i’ve got the world up my as$ society is burning me up take a bite, spit it out take their rules rip ‘em up, tear them down twisted mind, withered brain you know I’m going insane […]

Deny Everything – Circle Jerks

I’m innocent until I’m proven guilty deny everything, deny everything I’m being framed it’s all a set-up deny everything, deny everything I’m just a spoke in the wheel just a part of the puzzle a part of the game I’m being framed Innocent until I’m proven guilty deny everything deny everything deny everything deny everything

Back Against the Wall – Circle Jerks

you yell out in defiance you’re backed up against the wall they’re up there clutching their guns and it makes you feel real small so you can cuss, spit, throw bottles broken glass but it all ends up with handcuffs on you hands you run around and spray paint graffiti on everybody’s wall you think […]

Behind the Door – Circle Jerks

Mister,give me the key point me to the stairs I don’t know what waits for me in room 13 room 13 dim lit stairway stains on the floor looking for 13 what’s behind the door? room 13 room 13 prostitutes,hypes & thungs meet me on the way bare ceilings;just blank walls blank walls, that’s okay […]