Goodbye Agony – Black Veil Brides

Heaven’s gone, the battle’s won I had to say goodbye Lived and learned from every fable Written by your mind And I wonder how to move on From all I had inside Place my cards upon the table In blood I draw the line I’ve given all my pride Living a life of misery Always […]

Revelation – Black Veil Brides

The glory of a nation dies The symbol of this war is coming A warning meant to save our lives from F.E.A.R.’s religion Out of the depths we crawled to light Never give in when the fire rises Standing here we are unified Our hearts bear crosses Can’t turn back now We are, we are […]

Black Veil Brides – Black Veil Brides Album

Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides Album Song List Heart of Fire 3:21 Faithless 4:48 Devil In the Mirror 3:30 Goodbye Agony 4:08 World of Sacrifice 3:30 Last Rites 3:32 Stolen Omen 3:47 Walk Away 5:57 Drag Me To the Grave 3:45 The Shattered God 4:02 Crown of Thorns 3:39

Heart of Fire – Black Veil Brides

Driving Through This World Unknown I Build my life of broken bones Not living for this any more, you want a fight i’ll bring a war I feel alive inside, I won’t be Terrorized i’ll take all the blame. This Heart of Fire is burning Proud, I have every Dream you Lost and never found […]

New Religion – Black Veil Brides

Welcome to your life We’ve got you in our sights And thoughts of God are better left alone It’s in your head black and blue What they told you wasn’t true Come along and fight with the unknown The army’s grown We’ll pray to all the wrong decisions, Woah oh oh This time you’ll show […]

Rebel Love Song – Black Veil Brides

I cannot hide what’s on my mind I feel it burning deep inside A passion crime to take what’s mine Let us start living for today Never gonna’ change my mind We can leave it all behind Nothin’s gonna’ stop us No not this time So take your hand in mine It’s ours tonight This […]

In the End – Black Veil Brides

In the end As you fade into the night (oh whoa oh oh) Who will tell the story of your life? In the end As my soul’s laid to rest What is left of my body Or am I just a shell? And I have fought And with flesh and blood I commanded an army […]

Lost It All – Black Veil Brides

I ruled the world. With these hands I shook the heavens to the ground. I laid the gods to rest. I held the key to the kingdom. Lions guarding castle walls. Hail the king of death. Then I lost it all Dead and broken. My back’s against the wall. Cut me open. I’m just trying […]

The Legacy – Black Veil Brides

Racing faster, escape disaster Partners in crime will leave their mark We make our own way, no thoughts of yesterday Black hearts with growing battle scars Woah, oh, oh, the legacy born from a dream Long leather wings rose from the streets With the hands on destiny We came from nothing but promise one thing […]

Fallen Angels – Black Veil Brides

Scream, shout, scream, shout We are the fallen angels We are the in between Cast down as sons of war Struck to the earth like lightning On this world we’re torn We won’t cause the pain Of living out their law Take joy in who you are We know our wings are flawed We’re bored […]