Juay the Ruido – A Few Minutes Ago

She´s watching me, eyes wide open But all she sees is dark Imagining beautiful scenarios Where she will not come back She´ll not come back While aiming for perfection Don´t forget your flaws I wanted her affection But I will never crawl If nothing save us from death Let love save us from life If […]

The City of Woe – A Few Minutes Ago

Cry with the sight of my city Buried in filth and tears Sunken in people´s pity Surrounded entirely in fear The bullets own the skies While cracks guard the streets Crowds in daily strikes Feeling so incomplete Have mercy of us all Welcome to the city of woe Deserted so long ago Welcome to the […]

Absolution – A Few Minutes Ago

I’ve been cursed with hate and death Far away from reality Grief that makes me feel insane Driven by my deepest instincts So many lives I’ve taken, prints I need to erase That shining path turned dark but I never turned back Face of an angel I can’t hurt There’s no more fear now, it […]

Our Time – A Few Minutes Ago

Riot! Take this place now Let´s lose control, let´s free our souls Listen! Hear our voices Let´s raise the screaming to the top We can´t stop Our time is right now, tomorrow can wait This place is on fire, let´s do this again Our time is right now, tomorrow can wait This place is on […]