Heartless – A Day to Remember

For once my eyes are open to you And everything you’ve said For once your web of lies is in the open I gave you everything I had, until I had nothing left Now you act as if I’m just a burden I’ve finally let go Let go, let go Stay silent at least for […]

A Shot in the Dark – A Day to Remember

Lets take them back to the days When we were family My breath was your breath, when we were young I think it’s funny how the times have changed Throw being jealous in the mix And now all I know of you is a name Couldn’t have came at a better time This ends right […]

Since U Been Gone – A Day to Remember

Here’s the thing we started out friends It was cool but it was all pretend Yeah yeah Since u been gone You dedicated you took the time Wasn’t long till I called you mine Yeah yeah Since u been gone And all you’d ever hear me say Is how I pictured me with you That’s […]

Show ’Em the Ropes – A Day to Remember

Just hold your breath, To make sure you won’t wake up again. Cause you ruined my 04, That’s the best that I could hope for, To watch you fall apart from the inside. We’re gonna spread it to the world To the world About how you lied. How you lied A free lesson on growing […]

Naivety – A Day to Remember

What I hate about getting older Where’s my naivety? Wonder when I’m gonna get taller Where’s my naivety? Thinkin back when we were younger All of the things we believed that we could do Don’t wanna live by fear of failure Where’s my naivety? Somehow lost along the way This is me Honestly I’ve got […]

If It Means a Lot to You – A Day to Remember

Hey darling, I hope you’re good tonight. And I know you don’t feel right when I’m leaving. Yeah, I want it but no, I don’t need it. Tell me something sweet to get me by, ‘Cause I can’t come back home ’til they’re singin’. La, la la la, la la la, ‘Til everyone is singin’. […]

You Be Tails I’ll Be Sonic – a Day to Remember

I’m a mess that’s the best way to describe it I leave no time to myself the only way I can fight it When I’m alone, it’s like I’m staring into a mirror Don’t know the person inside it and that’s never been any clearer I miss your family and I miss all our friends […]

Common Courtesy – A Day to Remember Album

Common Courtesy A Day to Remember Album Song List City of Ocala 3:29 Right Back At It Again 3:20 Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail 4:34 Dead & Buried 3:13 Best of Me 3:27 I’m Already Gone 4:04 Violence (Enough Is Enough) 4:01 Life @ 11 3:22 I Surrender 3:34 Life Lessons Learned […]