Miscellanea – 10 Years

I set the mood that tingles in you You’ve got the womb I love to intrude Welded skies are blushing bright, apple of my eye Inviting virus you amuse. So make your move Running faster You’re on your own Clue by clue odds are aiming at you Can you take the tune when you’re fate […]

Silhouette of a Life – 10 Years

Forced myself to sleep last night Woke up to all white Saw all the tears and cries Screamed out but no reply Nirvana dreams were never right Crossing to the other side It’s too late to take this back Accidental excess Now what’s in store for a Soul with premature wings that will never soar […]

Paralyzing Kings – 10 Years

Lyrics: The death of a king Alluring lassos slide on so smooth Tension made of razors Dragging across you The flushing of eyes Couldn’t cleanse your abrasions Deep inside consumed with guilt I’m clothed in a bed of blankouts Dream suspicious strangers over night Righteous pharisees befriending Silent movements mar reinjuring God The taste of […]