Know That’s Me – Deraj Feat. K¥Ng

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Look at the sky, look at my eyes, ain’t no one else
Everyday I, can only be me, only be me, only one me,
And you know that’s me, know that’s me

You got to know that you know (2x), know that’s me,
You got to know that you know (2x), know that’s me,
You got to know that you know (2x),
Only be me, only one me, know that’s me

Verse 1:

I ain’t got to compete, I swear there’s nobody like me, some things you got to repeat,
Cause the mirror don’t lie, no no, the mirror don’t lie, I can look fear in the eye,
While I body a beat, watch how I body the beat, this ain’t a hobby to me,
Cause they die in the streets, plus they be dying for peace, my wife gotta’ eat,
And the squad gotta’ eat too, mi hermano, I’m talking to y tu,
hold up homie you trying to be me, no no, you should be happy to be you,
No second guessing, I got a suggestion, you should do you, like you asking a question,
Do you think that I’m flexing? Woah, no no, lil’ homie let’s teach you a lesson,
Don’t you believe everything that these people say, one minute they’re for you,
The next they ain’t, I’m feeling good and I can’t complain,
cause I’m doing me and I ain’t ashamed, hop out the bed and I hit the lab,
Look in mirror then hit the dab, trusting in God yeah that’s all I need,
I go by Deraj, yeah you know that’s me.


Chorus (2x)

Verse 2:

Do you know what time it is?, I’ve been waiting for them to acknowledge it,
I’ve been feeling free’er than a scholarship, light upon a hill I will not bottle it,
If I got a mind I swear I’m out of it, if I got a heart I got a lot of it,
I’m loving Jesus and I’m proud of it, so what the, what the, what the problem is?,
I’m just trying to be a light to ery’one, doing things that I have never done,
They be trying to put the fear in me, oh no no, I’ll never run,
So I’m letting go, He got it under control, trusting in God so these people will know,
I’m being all I can be, you already know that it’s me!

When the voices come and go, I’ll be here just so you know,
I know I know (2x), When the voices come and go, I’ll be here…

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