Forgive Me Mother – Phora

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Verse 1 :
He had the,
heart of a soldier in a city full of bandits,
Ran with the cold spirits,
Couple of bad habits,
Heart full of pain and a pipe full of magic,
Gettin him high,
Hes feelin like hes READY TO DIE,
But his girl just told him shes pregnant he dont know what to do,
the word “father” was just something that he never knew,
So hows he gonna be one ?
Hows he gonna raise child in a city full of demons,
when his mother had 3 sons,
and 2 of them dead,
1 took 2 to the head,
the other took 3 to the heart,
He never knew what was said,
but he knows he’s all his mother got now,
He aint got no feelings they say he’s numb to the pain,
He on the corner with the Glock now,
Momma always told him he was GODS SON,
but hes feelin like the Devils advocate,
runnin streets with the lost ones and,
He dont wanna lose touch with his soul,
but Hes feeling like he ain’t got nowhere to go,
nowhere to go ….

Verse 2 :
He wanted to be like Nas, Biggie, and Pac,
He used to bump them in his uncles whip until he got shot,
the first time he ever saw tears coming from his mothers eyes,
too young to understand,
so he just wondered why,
He always used to ask the Lord if HEAVEN HAD A GHETTO,
and when he tries to end it all he just cant seem to let go,
so many times,
so many lies,
All he feels in his heart is hate so he never cries,
Hes running with the pack like a wild coyote,
Runnin the city sticking niggas up like “Pay what you owe me”,
all his homeboys turned on him,
they plottin to get him they asking “Whats the word on him?”,
They heard his mother stayed a few blocks down,
hopped in the ride,
got to the house,
and let off some rounds,
25 shots through the window,
ten through the door,
Opened his eyes and he seen his mother dead on the floor,
Mother Forgive Me

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