Dreams – Jabee

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Problem ‘run away my baby ‘in the ‘
I guess we are what we say we are
I think I ‘try to understand any reason
Don’t having a ‘.
Dreams to ‘for each dream and ‘
‘.many things determinate ‘.
Word, fighting for each verse
‘.and then we ‘
That’s my mind playing’.

Bills try to make one hundred ‘
Try to make a song ..pressing and ‘
Yeah, hoping they sound like crack
I was ‘.for free man
No sound like rap
Look’to show my vision
‘to her prevision
Listen my mission it’s be a witness
I giving no ‘.i give no ‘
I’m in my own zone’.
I’m in my own zone ‘
Back ‘stay struck’
In fact my every war is a bullet in ‘
I prove it this fight as ‘
Can lose it in fight and’.
‘.my favorites ‘.
…like this …to this pain
I ai’t even have nothing my’
‘was a ..but this younger to the ‘
The dream of being rich and the dream of being free
I dream like ‘like old ‘.

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