Crank Dat – Moon Man

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Lyrics: [Audrina:]
MoonMan, tell them

Hey I’ve got this new dance for you all called “The nigger boy”
You’ve gotta punch then crack a nigger’s neck three times from left to right

MoonMan, up in this hoe
Watch me crank, watch me roll
Watch me crank that nigger boy
And MoonMan that hoe

Crank that nigger (4x)

MoonMan, up in this hoe
Still got money in the bank
Farkle made me racist yo
Everybody give him thanks

I hate niggers, I hate Jews
I hate spics and Arabs too
Go ahead, and try to sue
I got cash up the wazoo

I had anal with your mum
F-cked her like a porno star
Then MoonMan’d that hoe
In the backseat of my motor car
Took her out to Mickey D’s
Filled her up with STDs

Damn you’re such a fu(king pig

Shut up b1tch and drink my pee


MoonMan, you’re such a prick
Talking all that racist shit
You don’t even have a d1ck
Stupid b1tch, you make me sick

All your jokes are fu(king gay
No one gets them anyway
People make them every day
I hate niggers, then you say
MoonMan’s G-G-Gay
No fu(king doubt about it
The fag that’s browsing on this site
Have a better chance tonight
Of sliding in my pssy tight
Than that faggot Mac Tonight

[Chorus 2x]

MoonMan, up in this b1tch
Stick a nigger down in a ditch
Pour a bucket of gasoline
And super-soak that b1tch
Super-soak that
Super soak that

MoonMan, up in this hoe
Riding 22″ chrome
Pulled a Mac 11 out
And drive-byed that hoe
Drive-byed that
Drive-byed that
Drive-byed that hoe

[Chorus 2x]

K, K, K

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