The $100 Million Shakira Lawsuit

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Shakira’s ex-manager  Antonio de la Rua filed a suit in California Superior Court  claiming for $100M entitlement from his severed business parthership with the singer.
Shakira’s 10 year multimillion contract with Live Nation is said to be around $300M.
Shakira Lawsuit de la rua
According to  de la Rua, he was the main architect behind Shakira’s rise to worldwide fame. He takes credit for explanding Shakira’s market beyond Latin America, “the result of a hard-fought battle to conquer the music world that Mebarak and de la Rua fought together as business partners.”
Shakira terminated her relationship with de La Rua in 2011. The two were romantically involved and their business partnership produced lucrative deals with Telefonica and Puig perfume, which guaranteed them a stream of multi-million dollar income.