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Hoa RơI Cửa PhậT – Jombie Ft LeeYang & Sino

LeeYang Gió đưa nhẹ cánh hoa lặng rơi ngoài hiên Cuộc đời ta…vùi trong kiếp lưu đày Cõi nhân sinh.. xa hoa …chỉ đau khổ vương mang Gian thế cần ….khoảng lặng bình yên trạng thái…. cảm xúc của một con người… là.. hạt giống…. bỡi vì những lúc ta buồn…đó.. chính là hiện tượng… […]

Autophobie – Blazin’ Daniel Feat. Feel.ikx

Intro: (Blazin’Daniel) Stellst du dir die Frage, manchmal, wer du eigentlich bist wie alles kam so wie es kam, (die Antwort ist, ich weiß es nicht) etwas in mir stirbt………und Traurigkeit macht sich breit und wo keine Liebe wächst.. ist auch der Hass nicht weit langsam zeigt sich jeder.. Mensch von seiner wahren Seite und […]

Lej T’kallen – Lindy

Refren : X2 Krejt lej t’kallen, se si na so as nja. Krejt lej t’kallen, se na jena nja. Verse :1 Inati pot vjen na ku kena mrri. n’ftyr po vrehesh per ty sdu me ni, Pse po bahesh kishe spo di, Qdo ven ku shkon neve na ki. Hapin qe e bon per mu […]

Rock Sugar – Rob Grill

Rock sugar, this is it Tiny dancer, yeah Movin’ right through the night Little mama She’s a tiny daughter Yeah, makin’ it look so nice Little lady, sugar lady How come you look so sweet? You seem to be Everything I need Rock sugar Dance your blues away Rock sugar Take it away Slow movin’, […]

California Dreamin – King Lil G Ft. Emc Senatra

[Intro] Hey Whats Up Baby I Want You To Come Visit Me In California Baby I Want To Show You How We Get Down Over Here Take You To The Beach & Smoke Weed You Feel Me? [Hook] Girl I Like Your Style Girl I Like Your Ways Come & Take A Trip & Visit […]

I Dare You – Alden Richards

I can remember a time when I was so afraid When even my shadow wouldn’t follow me So I, I, I’m picking up my sword To shatter all the pieces that I was before Cause I, I, I’m worth fighting for For, for, for… So put me in a cage Lock me in a room […]

Consolation for a Fool – True Faith

It’s not that complicated my love is underrated When you find sincerity but the future’s not much to see We always have a good time you are my partner in crime Breaking rules, we think it’s cool a messy happiness Then you said you wanted to go it alone After these words I declared I’ll […]

Balewala – Jireh Lim

Bawat araw nagdaan Dinadama ang katotohanan Nakatakda na yata saking Masaktan Bawat Patak ng ulan Lalo kong nararamdaman Mga luha sa mata’y Dumaraan Silipin mo Ang kalagayan ko Puso’y nasusugatan Nang di mo pinaglaban Balewala na lang Wala na bang katapusan Ng pagmamahalan na Mauuwi rin sa wala Balewala na lang Lagi na lang nasasaktan […]

Shot in the Dark – Milestones

We’re just dying inside He sits there waiting He’s awake but his mind is fading If he sees the sun he’ll feel blessed he’s won, but I know he won’t Well don’t you feel upset? (I’m not done here yet) Light becomes a thread (And it fu(ked my head) I can’t (you can) do all […]

Unti-Unti – UDD

(Up Dharma Down) Unti-unting naglalapit ang ating mga mundo Pag-asa ay ating bitbit Maligaya’t walang takot Ang saya at pagsinta’y Tila walang kapantay inaabangan ang bawat pagtagpo Walang mintis ang tuwa sating dalawa Hinamak ang lahat Unti unting nawawala Ang iyong mga salita Dahan dahang naglalaho Ang lahat ng pangako Napapansing lumalayo ang ‘iyong tingin […]