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Glorious – Macklemore Feat. Skylar Grey

[Verse 1: Macklemore] You know I’m back like I never left Another sprint, another step Another day, another breath Been chasing dreams, but I never slept I got a new attitude and a lease on life And some peace of mind Seek and I find I can sleep when I die Wanna piece of the […]

Wild as You – Cody Johnson

You’re like waking in the morning by a mountain stream You’re like watching that eagle floating on the breeze As I listen to you dreaming by my side I wish I could call you mine But you belong where the four winds blow Out where the untamed mustang roam Like a sweet summer rain, passing […]

Roots – In This Moment

I thank you for all the lives you’ve led I thank you for every word you said I thank you for walking away I thank you for the promises you broke For always watching watching while I choke I thank you for teaching me Yes I thank you for your hurting I bite down a […]

To the Moon – Phora

(Chorus) She said she never been in love, All she did give her love, Eveyone they only take her love, So U Scared of love, I don’t blame you love, Let me be the one to show U love, That need somebody just to hold you love, That show U off like a trophy love, […]

Move That – Illslick

เนื้อเพลง….. แล้วเธอกล้ากุมมือฉันมั้ย หมุนตัวรอบนึงเกาะฉันไว้ แน่นอนมันต้องดีกว่าที่เธอฝันไว้ Do Your Dance เพียงให้ความรักในใจนำทาง เพลงบรรเลงขยับไปตาม เหมือนล่องลอยอยู่ในวิมานแห่งสองเรา Can’t Nobody Do You Like I Do ตราบใดเธอยังมีฉันอยู่ แค่ต้องการให้เธอได้รู้ เธอดูสวยเมื่อตอนเต้นรำ เสร็จจากคืนนี้ไปเดินเล่นกัน อยากจะเจอเธอไม่มีเว้นวัน Girl, I Wanna Dance With You เช่นกัน I’ve Got Dreams And I Got That Drank Baby Girl, Can You Move That Thang? ไม่มีแฟน Let Me See You Dance Do, Do Your Dance, I […]

Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

I was walking down the street the other day Trying to distract myself But then I see your face Ooh wait that’s someone else Trying to play it coy Trying to make it disappear But just like the battle of troy There’s nothing subtle here In my room there’s a king size space Bigger than […]

Toinks – Maymay Entrata

Shalalalala… Shalalalala… Shalalalala Shalalalala ako si Maymay Shalalalala ako si Maymay Shalalalala my name is Maymay ‘Pag ang gwapo ang tumitig, kinikilig ‘Pagka pangit ang tumitig, mukhang manyakis ‘Pagka gwapo ngumiti, friendly s’ya ‘Pag ang pangit ngumiti, bastos na ‘Pagka gwapo may tattoo, mukang astig ‘Pagka panget may tattoo, mukang adik Aanhin mo naman ang […]

Mama Ft. William Singe – Jonas Blue

[Verse 1] Where should we run to? We got the world in our hands and we’re ready to play They say we’re wasted But how can we waste it if we’re loving every day? Okay, I got the keys to the universe So stay, with me, ’cause I got the keys, babe [Pre-Chorus] Don’t wanna […]

Sirenen – Casper

[Intro] Hast du gedacht, du bist hier sicher? Bist du wie betäubt? Macht die Medizin dich müde? Fühlst du dich verfolgt? Hast du schwache Nerven? Rauben Sorgen dir den Schlaf? Sehnst du dich nach Wärme? Halten Albträume dich wach? Hast du Angst um dein Leben? Kommt Panik in dir hoch? Fühlst du dich belogen? Fürchtest […]

Sors Immanis – Sors Immanis

Thulsadoom: Vocals Sargatanas: Guitar and backing vocals Aries: Guitar Haedes: Bass guitar Namethia: Keyboards Nehsit; Drums Lord Sabathan: Guest Vocals Sors Immanis (Music by Sargatanas, Lyrics by Aries & Sargatanas) ” Iamque iugis summae surgebat Lucifer Idae ducebatque diem, Danaique obsessa tenebant limina portarum, nec spes opis ulla dabatur. ” Cruelle fatalité Ou immense destin […]