Chickens in Your Town – L’Entourloop Album

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Chickens in Your Town L'Entourloop Album Song List

Sortie: 4 mai 2015
2015 Banzaï Lab / Face B

Chickens in Your Town L’Entourloop Album Song List

  1. Delight for Old Chicken
  2. Lobster Shwarama (feat. Troy Berkley & Khoe Wa)
  3. Back in Town (feat. Jamalski, Bang On & N’Zeng)
  4. This Is How We Rock (feat. Aaron Cohen)
  5. Moving Along the Line
  6. Thru’ Di Groove (feat. Little Harry & Thioum C)
  7. Dirty Money (feat. Skarra Mucci, Youthstar & N’Zeng)
  8. Madder Than Dat (feat. Ruffian Rugged)
  9. Puff of Rhymes (feat. Hatman Harry & Zeb McQueen)
  10. All I Want to Do (feat. LMK)
  11. Bandulu Supa Lova (50 Gipsy Edit)
  12. Recordz Masta (feat. DJ O’legg & Teekay)
  13. Time to Grow (feat. Gavlyn)