Get Right – Jimmy Eat World

[Verse 1] Hands will take their place Far from intentions made Disguised as patience, time gets wasted Now is for the now, so get loud [Chorus] I’m, I’m destination addicted I just gotta be some place else Never good time, never feel the space to get it right Get right [Verse 2] Hands will find […]

Damage – Jimmy Eat World

Damage Jimmy Eat World Album Song List Damage – iTunes LP Appreciation 3:16 Album Only Damage 3:07 Album Only Lean 3:04 Album Only Book of Love 3:55 Album Only I Will Steal You Back 3:28 Please Say No 4:40 Album Only How’d You Have Me 3:42 Album Only No, Never 3:50 Album Only Byebyelove 4:31 […]