How You Learn to Live Alone – Jamestown Story

First you fall, then you fly And you believe that you belong up in the sky Flap your arms as you run Every revolution brings you closer to the sun You’ve fallen asleep in motion and uncharted hemispheres When you wake up with the stars falling down around your ears And when they hit the […]

Some Days – Jamestown Story

I’ve failed one too many times I bought in to find the truth in lies Some days I feel I’m on my own Nowhere left to go I was raised to be an honest man To stand my ground When the world don’t give a damn But some days I feel I’m on my own […]

Running Away – Jamestown Story Feat. Rajiv Dhall

Your wings are chasing after me Just come home and pretend that you believe You keep on running with no direction in your steps Just show me something Something you have left You have left I think you’re gonna hurt someone If you keep running away, you keep running away You’re gonna hurt someone If […]