"Too Little Too Late" - Lyrics

Waves (Remix) – Little Knowledge
    I’m in the moment of silence cuz I’m lost in them words wonder if you can read my mind before my existence burst Wish you could see my inner soul and put a band aid where I’m hurt Cuz they say it’s universal that action speaks louder than words Aha No drama, I’m sacked in […]
Not Too Young – Alexa
    They say, im just a little girl Caught in my own world Too young and innocent To understand what’s going on around me They say, im not capable of doing things Like a twenty year old staying up late Paying bills and making money I wish I could travel in time and space I wanna […]
Friends Are Always There for You – My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
    [Starlight Glimmer] I never thought that I would find a place To step right in and start again I never thought that I could just begin Right where I left off and make a friend [Twilight Sparkle] Don’t ever think that it might be too late You don’t have to wait. There’s no mistakes the […]
‘in Our Town’ W – My Little Pony
    Life is so grand in our town We’re always filled with cheer We never have to look around To know that we’re all here [Citizens] In our town, in our town We don’t have to wait To find out that our destiny Is just to emulate Starlight Glimmer: Let’s see those big, happy smiles! Life […]
Glee: The Music, Jagged Little Tapestry – Glee Cast Album
    Released: Jan 13, 2015 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Glee: The Music, Jagged Little Tapestry Glee Cast Album Song List It’s Too Late (Glee Cast Version) 3:22 Hand in My Pocket / I Feel the Earth Move (Glee Cast Version) 2:36 Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Head Over Feet (Glee Cast Version) 2:57 […]
Little White Lies – Florrie Album
    Sortie: 15 août 2014 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited Little White Lies Florrie Album Song List Little White Lies 3:03 Little White Lies (Florrie Remix) 4:52 Little White Lies (Shadow Child Remix) 4:55 Little White Lies (Moon Boots Remix) 5:25 Little White Lies (Wideboys Remix) 5:51 Little White Lies (KDA Remix) 7:49 Left Too […]
Towers – Little Mix
    Lyrics You turn, and I learned that the wall comes falling down Not a word, only hurt when my friends can’t tell me now I feel loved when I see your face But all these scars, I can’t replace Shock me high Hit me hard, and I don’t know what you say When you knock […]
Little Black Dress – One Direction
    Lyrics Little black dress Just walked into the room Makin’ heads turn Can’t stop looking at you It’s so right It’s so right It’s so right you know Little black dress Did you come here alone? It’s too late It’s too late It’s too late to go home It’s so right It’s so right It’s […]
Too Young to Die – Jamiroquai
    Everybody Don’t want no war, ‘Cos we’re too young to die, So many people, All around the world, Seen their brothers fry. What’s the motive? In your madness. You’ve made my people cry. So politicians this time Keep your distance. ‘Cos we’re too young to die. You know we’re too young to die, You know […]
Can’t Slow Down – Hedley
    It’s a strange thing in life When you’re chasing your dreams And it’s not what it seems And your heart’s on the line I never wanna be the one fading Am I out of my mind? Do I got it all wrong? Don’t I have what I want? Gotta try to make it right I […]