Where Are My 72 Virgins – Night Wings Iii

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No luck No fu(k No roses bed
You were designed to demolish the non holy shit
Guns will blast in a war field fight,
But then you shall get your 72 virgins in the afterlife

Who decides the value of a soul alive
When you wont spare an innocent child

How do i look into my mother’s eye when i ask her to bless me 
cause for the virgins I die

Revenge is what i seek for my brothers had die
Wow what should they do the dead families we pile

Love is what i have for my own child
But when did the lord said they shall sacrifice

I seek my heart and my soul in my lord 
But this fear of unknown existence is what you feed upon

Where are my 72 virgins
Objectified and served as bribes…

We speak the will of our lord 
For those who follow shall thrive 
For those who do not to be skinned alive
These holy words come from the pages of time
For i will decide whats your wrong and whats your right

Why don’t you suicide and fulfill your god’s advice 
Aren’t you excited to meet you new wives
You’ll say your a man who holds a higher purpose 
You wanna rule this world by your words of wisdom

But the purpose of words is to enlight 
I know the day you fear is when we’ll all know whats right
For violence is a disease 
Cause an eye for an eye will lead the world blind

This is how it ends , I’ve made amends,
Opened my eyes to your fu(king lies.

Blinded with lies
We are blinded with lies