Stay Alive – Miro Ft. Slyleaf

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Wipe the tears from my eyes
Kinda funny, I wasn’t supposed to cry
But all these tears turn into dust
And their ashes flickered light
Right before they died

It’s time for me to go
It’s time for me to forget about it
And move on with our time

It’s so easy just to die away
But to go to without goodbye

And here we are, sitting behind the darkness
Time is fragile; tears on your cheek
Our time is fragile, like the tears on your cheek
I pretend too much, but I keep on fighting through
And so even if you fade away
Your light will still shine through

Fake it till you make it; all you gotta do
Maybe fake it till you make it, is all you gotta do
To stay alive

And here I am, running round in circles
Running out of sight, running out of mind
I say I’m fine, when all I want is love
And so even if you fade away
Your ashes will still stay

Maybe letting go, and saying goodbye, is the one thing I should do
To stay alive

And there you are, sitting behind my shadow
Sitting slightly too far out of reach
So once again, I’ll walk on alone
Just thought, for once, maybe I could be with somebody else

Maybe love yourself, before someone else, is what it really means
To be alive

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