Love My Life – Green Gangster

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I Love My Life (x?)
Let’s Get started with this song

Verse 1 / Introduction:
My life so good,in my lovely neighbourhood,Don’t let anything get to you , Be unusual.Life is a new start,so don’t let your brain fart, I wasn’t being funny so just listen to me carefully and just love your life
Love your life

I Love My Life (x?)

Verse 2:
There’s better things to do than sitting watching TV
Just go outside and enjoy the breeze
If it’s cold and you feel like your gonna freeze
Just sing this song to warm down in ease…
Love your life,don’t hate yourself
Just be good and love yourself
If you feel like your gonna cry
Don’t cry and just fly
If you feel like your mad
Just do a crazy dance
Just feel the heat and listen to the beat and just scream out
I love my life!


Got my friends in the back,
We gon’ crazy til’ we drop that
We do videos in our YouTube channels,Sometimes it can be a very big hassle,
But I think the positive thoughts , so back the back off your stupid as negative thoughts,uhh
We play 101 games
See me and my friends ain’t so lame
EPICGAMER101,Videos are like a BB gun (Gunshot)
Flame Falcon,Videos are like a medallion
Green Gangster,He can fix your anger,yea
If you feel like your going to rain.
I can fix your sad brain,
If your going thru a lot of pain
I can rub you like a small stain
Life is full of learning
So don’t leave yourself burning
So enjoy this life before you die
And take a bite of that apple pie

Verse 4:
Have fun,with your friends
Come and make up new trends
We got lots of time to spend
With your best best friends

Verse 5:
Have a good time
Life’s not a crime
Mess around,have fun, get crazy
Don’t be lazy and don’t look hazy
Let’s get crazy right here right now
Life’s is enjoyable right now
Go outside and scream out I love my life!


Don’t hate yourself
Don’t hate yourself

Repeat Verse 5


Don’t hate your life
Don’t hate yourself
Just love your life
Just love yourself

Repeat Outro