Love – Ill Mind

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Love.. Time to kill for our woman. Heal our women. Be real to our women. We came from a women, names from our women. gain from our women…And now we take from our women.

Verse 1:
Young girl, pink purse, she act but never think first
She proud to be, now a queen, tryna be like actors on reality
Remote light glows on and her whole morn- she’s so gone
All right and no wrong sit back baby cause her shows on
Visions on the screen of a body so far from an A-Cup
That as$ fat, and her waist up from her thick thighs to her make up
And them fake shows full of fake love,
Filled with fake hoes that be caked up
Now she go around acting like them,
Now she think about it won’t recite them, she

Falling in and out of love with you
I never loved someone with an I loving You

Verse 2:
The ads taught her values, while her mama walk around the house bruised
And her daddy screaming, mama screaming, TV bumping
BET, MTV, every teen be fu(king, mirrors never brought her
Pleasure’s what she wanted, just to see if wearing nothing coulda brought it
Never got it from a CD, cause perfections what is on the TV
Now she’s so neglect choke, bleed, neck swollen from no respect
Broken and hoping that the beauty store’s still open
She remembers how she used to write songs
Now she can’t cry with the lights on, and she can’t smile with her pants on
Want to be like models in the rap songs she’s

Falling in and out of love with you
I never loved someone with an I loving You

Verse 3:
Society’s corruption don’t teach young girls how to love themselves
You are perfect, you are worth it, you are truly.
You are more than booty, coochie, in the movies
You are inner beauty, hear the message through me
Right above it up and out this hell
Tell them b1tches they can fu(k themselves
Listen to me.. Love yourself.

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