Double Cup – DJ Infamous (Official) Feat. Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Juicy J, Yung Berg & Game

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[Hook: Juicy J & Yung Berg]
(What you talkin’ ’bout, Money?)
Money? Bitch, I blow it
(Talkin’ ’bout weed?) Shorty, come roll it
(Talkin’ ’bout hoes?) Yeah, they goin’
What about me? Bitch, I’m rollin’
(I’ve got my) double cup with my top down
Double cup with my top down
Double cup with my top down
Double cup with my top down
Double cup with my top down…

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
Double cup with my logo – 36 of that cocoa
Yeah, the product’s good, you know the number’s right
And if you’ve got to check, then it’s a no-go
All this snow, I’ve been a snow man
Always blowin’ strong…
…can you believe this shit?
F-ck both of y’all, I fear no man
My top quit and that trippy – seats tan, Rice Crispy
Got a wooden handle and a shoulder strap
Fits in your trunk, it hold 50
Too many chains, that look crook
Pyrex and water would best cook
See my lil’ homie with me? He hold me down
He gon’ take the shot just like Westbrook
“Who he think he is?” said VP
Vice President Young, you’ve got to see me
Nigga fu(k around an get an album date
I’ll have ’em drop your as$ on GP
Now I’m fu(ked up and that’s fu(ked up
Your b1tch on me now, tough luck
I don’t do the lean, don’t fu(k with molly
And that’s grown shit in that white cup
We talkin’ bout…

[Hook: Juicy J & Yung Berg]

[Verse 2: Ludacris]
Double cup with my top down – .40 cal’, couple GLOCK rounds
Handcuffed your chick, that b1tch on 24-hour lockdown
And rappers got these stale flows – front hard like shell toes
The man behind that voice is gay as fu(k, y’all niggas Elmos
Been twelve years, I still shine – money long, I still grind
Used to be a thousandaire, but I had to eat – it’s meal time
Then after that it’s bill time – we fu(k hoes to kill time
Your plane got them delays, we on my jet, nigga, in real time!
And all up on that WiFi, sippin’ on them Mai Tais
Infamous just passed the weed and gave the pilot a high-five
Meanwhile, y’all broke down – can’t even hold your post down
Everywhere we go is poppin’
Everywhere you go’s a fu(kin’ ghost town!

[Hook: Juicy J & Yung Berg]

[Verse 3: Juicy J]
Gettin’ money, that’s every day – candy paint on my Chevrolet
Rollin’ up that A+, ’bout to pour up to meditate
A nigga so high, might levitate – one life to live, let’s celebrate
Came a long way from sellin’ yay’
Now it’s a 100K that should touch the stage
“Bandz A Make Her Dance” #1 on the Billboard
I can’t complain, I’ve got a lifestyle that most y’all niggas’d kill for
I’m on the grind chasin’ real dough – still kick shit like a steel toe
Codeine got me movin’ slow, I’ve got too much money for a bill fold
Pimp-type nigga, I’m a Memphis nigga
In a hoe mouth like dentures, nigga
All I talk is big money – anything else is senseless, nigga
Smoke some more, I’mma sip some more
I’mma fu(k your b1tch ’til she pigeon-toed
In the Rolls Royce gettin’ chauffeured
With the blinds closed, gettin’ blowed

[Verse 4: Game]
Aye yo, Inf’ – I just came through in that Rolls Royce
Levis, Margielas, ask about me, I’m the hoes’ choice
Tight eyes, gold cup, watch me lean in that soy sauce
If niggas sprayed up my Phantom, I’d walked away like that boy Ross
Murciélago with the doors, hit the club straight throwed off
Popped a molly then rode off
She had her clothes off before we drove off
“Woo!” My nigga, her head game, I’mma tell you ’bout it
But “woo!” my nigga, had ten racks, she sucked me out of it
I need more mollies… I need more drinks…
She wonder why her friend can’t get up on the couch with us?
That hoe stink
Bugatti, rose paint – I ball hard ’cause D. Rose can’t
Got a ..