Don’t Go Away – Douglas Haines

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She’s tried to forget
But she just hasn’t yet
As the hours have turned into days
There’s love on the table
but she hasn’t been able
to choose which of the pieces she will play
So she walks around like nothing really matters
and the pain she holds inside she hides with laughter
and there’s a little bit of irony
cause she believes no one can see
the difference in the way she says his name

He was filled with regret
as he’s boarding the jet
Maybe Dallas really wasn’t worth the fight
There’s a love that’s down to cinders
There’s a part of him that hinders
and a memory that won’t give up the right
And he shivers just to think she’d be without him
There’s a quiver in his hand now
as he writes the words he planned
just how to say
Don’t go away
Don’t go away
Don’t go away

The door is getting closer
Rehearsal now is over
Only one more thing he’s got to do tonight
Forget what needs forgotten
Remember what you lost when
she opens up that door and turns the light
And she was standing in the backlight like an angel
There was nothin’ more to say and no more danger
And there’s a little bit of irony
He saw what he’d never seen
The difference in the way she called his name
and said
Don’t go away
Don’t go away
Don’t go away