Damn – EJ Bar and Killa G

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I said damn
This wasn’t expected
My children have been neglected
I changed my direction
Believe me when I say

I just wanna make amends
hope we can still be friends
til the day our lives end
love always daddy sends

How can i change this
or explain it
I guess to the beats in the basement
soon as the pain hits, tears drip
Do i even exist to my kids
That’s the ones that were suppose to look up to me
say daddy keep hugging me
damn it, I’m missing those luxury’s

It’s beginning to eat me inside
I’m needing it just to keep me alive
So to prove it I guess I got to strive
I’ve quit living my lies

and hiding in the past
no need for the drugs
that non-sense don’t last
except for the first blast

I wanna do the best i can for my seeds
I know you see on the inside i bleed
so i use these words to let it free
I am who i am
Still I’m missing my 4 best lil friends


This is my only chance to change
Step 1 putting down the drugs which made me a slave
before i hit my grave
Staying out of trouble learning to behave
a role model my kids could say

Including my peers
Its amazing to see me E transform after all these years
Gave up the nightly tipping beers
and now my heads clear

So like the car steers different directions so do i
I wanna do the best i can before my soul flys
Give a reason for people to miss me when i die
nothing but happy tears when they cry

Memories i give on earth not from the sky
Happy to wake up in the morning and yawn
Still part of me is gone, I want it back
before i have another heart-attack

Laid flat on my back
old and withered in my coffin
never coming back

(Hook) x 2