Golden Metal Guitar Capo by BigDogGuitar for Acoustic and Electric Guitars

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If you need to play in a different key quickly then you need a guitar capo.  A guitar capo makes key changes easy, unless you bought a cheap capo that don’t stay in tune or the capo falls apart.

This Golden Metal Guitar Capo By BigDogGuita For Acoustic and Electric Guitars is a premium capo of high quality, beautiful and doesn’t have problems staying in tune like those cheap capos.  When you want great sounding guitars, then you should avoid cheap capo that could make you sound bad.

This professional grade Golden Metal Guitar Capo By BigDogGuita is made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy.  It is hyper-polished to a super slick finish and electroplated with a beautiful gold finish.

BigDogGuitar BDG-Capo1G Golden Metal Guitar Capo includes:


  •  Premium Gold Bullet Proof Capo with lifetime replacement warranty
  • 10 Bonus BigDogGuitar Medium picks
  • Beautiful display box
  • Secret Bonus Inside – VIP access to a membership site loaded with goodies
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces
  • Model: BDG-Capo1G