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Beautiful – (Crush) Goblin Ost Part 4 English Version – Lin Soo

It’s a beautiful life I will always stay by your side It`s a beautiful life I will always stand by your side beautiful love If I’m with you…underneath this sky I don’t care that if I’m breathing alone It`s a beautiful life, beautiful day It’s ok that I can stick out in your heart beautiful […]

Happy Together – Alexis

Imagine me and you, I do I think about you day and night, it’s only right To think about the boy you love and hold him tight So happy together If I should call you up, invest a dime And you say you belong to me and ease my mind Imagine how the world could […]

Bale Wala – Jeric Medina

Ewan nga ba, litong-lito Pwera drama, noo’y ‘di gan’to ‘Di naman sa ano, kaibigan lang ang dating turing Tinamaan ako nang ‘di man lang natin napansin Pa’no nga ba Dapat bang itago na lang Kaso baka maunahan ‘pag merong humadlang Para bang ‘di na maintindihan ng isip ang damdamin Sa isang banda ay pagbigyan, sa […]

Bituin – Shehyee Feat. Keiko Necesario

Gusto ko lang naman ay marinig mo ang aking tinig Kasabay ng liwanag sa paggising Palubog na ang araw kailan ba diringgin Pero ayos lang kung dumilim ‘Pagkat sa gabi kumikinang ang bituin Bituin.. Bituin… Ako’y isang bituin Kumikinang-kinang ‘di dahil isang Kilalang nilalang, iba ang dahilan Sa katunayan nga ay lagi nilang nila-“lang” Pero […]

Manila – Rivermaya

I find myself again deep in the arms of manila I loose myself again, right in the backstreets of manila I left my heart and soul I hope the Dj understands Tonight i loose control and all my senses fill again for in your paradise your time just slips away and if the price is […]

Έλα Να Με Βρεις Katerina Ntinou Ela Na Me Vreis – Κατερίνα Ντίνου

ΕΛΑ ΝΑ ΜΕ ΒΡΕΙΣ ´Ακου να σου πω δεν έχω φωνή μα όταν σου μιλώ κάτι μαγικό ανοίγουν οι ουρανοί Κι οι δρόμοι παίρνουν τ´άρωμά σου για φαντάσου είσαι εδώ Οι άγγελοι μαζί σου βγαίνουν περιμένουν να σε δω. Ο κόσμος λέει τ´ όνομά σου για φαντάσου μου μιλάς Δεν έχω άλλο μακρια σου τα […]

Mẹ À – Liti K

Mẹ à trong một ngày mà tâm tư con mang bao bộn bề con lại mất ngủ rồi Nhưng con cảm thấy may mắn khi dưới những sóng gió ngoài kia con vẫn có một mái nhà để quay về Bài rap đầu tiên con rap về mẹ và tặng mẹ con chỉ muốn nói […]

Human Nature -Sam Concepcion

[1st Verse] Looking Out Across The Night-Time The City Winks A Sleepless Eye Hear Her Voice Shake My Window Sweet Seducing Sighs [2nd Verse] Get Me Out Into The Night-Time Four Walls Won’t Hold Me Tonight If This Town Is Just An Apple Then Let Me Take A Bite [Chorus] If They Say – Why, […]

That’s What I Like – Ysabelle Cuevas

I got a condo in Manhattan Baby boy, what’s happening? You and your heart invited So gon’ and get to clappin’ Just, pop it for a pimp Pop, pop it for me Turn around and drop it for a pimp Drop, drop it for me I’ll rent a beach house in Miami Wake up with […]

Spring Day (BTS) English Version – Ysabelle Cuevas

I’m missing you And I don’t know what to do I’m missing you These pictures just remind me of you I miss you And time is just so cruel I hate this Trying to see you once never worked out once Where do we find the chance? And feel so cold like winter It’s august […]