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What´S Going on (1974) – Buffalo

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Andrew E Goez on Feat Eskapo Boogiemann Triggah and Mike Kosa – Andrew E

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Travelinand’ Band – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Seven thirty seven comin out of the sky. Oh! wont you take me down to memphis on a midnight ride, I wanna move. Chorus: Playin in a travelin band. yeah! Well, Im flyin cross the land, tryin to get a hand, Playin in a travelin band. Take me to the hotel, baggage gone, oh, well. […]

Curbside Prophet – Jason Mraz

I’m just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and I’m waiting for my rocket to come I’m just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and I’m waiting for my rocket, ya’ll y’see it started way back in nyc when i stole my first rhyme from the m.i.c. at a […]

Who You Are – Pearl Jam

come to send, not condescend transcendental consequence is to transcend where we are who are we? who we are trampled moss on your souls changes all you’re a part seen it all, not at all can’t defend fu(ked up man take me a for a ride before we leave… circumstance, clapping hands driving winds, happenstance […]

How Do You Feel – 311

I’m alright, I feel real fine I don’t live a life that’s uptight when there’s a fight there’s struggling I can’t roll through the world without offering questions, what’s my direction break in the grip of depression it comes in the day when you let things go there comes a time to rock a show […]

Sell Out – Big Fish

(verse) well, I know you can’t work in fast food all your life but don’t sign that paper tonight, she said, but it’s too late. And I don’t remember what I read, don’t remember what they said, I guess it doesn’t matter, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. (chorus) you’re gonna go to the record […]

Save Me – Aretha Franklin

SAVE ME! Somebody save me SAVE ME! Somebody save me, yeah Promised myself after the first romance I wouldn’t give ya a second chance Said you see, you’re sure to find A but the closer I get to ya, baby You drive me stone out-a-my-mind SAVE ME! Oh, yeah, SAVE ME! yeah, yeah Those who […]

What Is It About Men – Amy Winehouse

Understand once he was a family man so surely I would never, ever go through it first hand Emulate all the shit my mother hated I can’t help but demostrate my Freudian fate My alibi for taking your guy history repeats itself, it fails to die and animal agression is my downfall I don’t care […]

Ecstasy – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

(Krayzie) What’s happening nigga? (Dealer) Hell yeah, what’s up my nigga? Ain’t nothing just out here grinding, my nigga you know what it is What’s up nigga what you need? (Krayzie) I need some weed (Dealer) Aw, man I don’t even fu(k wit the weed no more (Krayzie) What? (Dealer) Aw, hell naw, man I […]