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HoàNg HôN Đỏ – Dn Ft. Phutoro

Tách cafe ,hương còn tỏa , bên ban công Ngắm hoàng hôn , hoa giấy tím , thuyền sang sông Nhắm chút vị , của bắp đồng vừa rang xong Anh nghe cười nói ồn ào phiên chợ chiều người đang đông Để sự tự do anh được bay bỗng , hưởng thụ bình yên […]

Let Down – Palisades

I’ve been so good to you Whatever you need Not there for me Expecting you to be A remedy Doin what you please Still makin me sick At the thought of you and me I stay with you Then leave you for a week Don’t answer calls Or you’re hung up on me I’m by […]

Personal – Palisades

Talking Spreading it all around You love Running that mouth Thinking You got it figured out But you’re A face in the crowd Fake it till you make it Spittin all the same shit Then you sit back down on a made up throne Oh but everyone knows so Don’t say you tried You’re just […]

Tsy Voatery Za – Tif a Tif

Nangingina foana hatrizay Fanahy iniako aloha tsy niteny Nandefitra foana, Izay ela izay Fitsapako anao anefa ireny Dia niaritra teny aho Dia niaritra foana Fa nararaotinao anefa izany Aleo zaho hiteny F’izao no fotoana Hitenenako farany hoe Tiako tiako ianao iny, mba Mandini-tena amin’izay x2 Fa tsy voatery zah, Tsy voatery zah Tsy voatery zah, […]

Ans Ende Dieser Welt 2 – Screamout

Alle wissen welcher Name sich hinter mein’ Wunden versteckt denn seit Jahren gibt es uns nur noch im Plusquamperfekt du bist immer noch bei “Lass los” und “Es ist zu spät” ich wusste nicht dass es für immer sein wird wenn du jetzt gehst ich hab’ dir nicht geglaubt, nein / Und jetzt frag’ ich […]

Moves – Big Sean

[Intro] Yeah Sex game had her as$ blowing me up (brrr) Sex game had her as$ texting me up Yeah Whoa [Hook] I got the moves I got the moves I’m making moves You gotta move (you gotta move) She make that back move (damn) She made her titties move (goddamn) I make the city […]

Ayoko Na Sana – Michael Pangilinan

Sinabi ko na sa aking sarili Na di na iibig pang muli Nasaktan nang minsan Pilit kong iiwasan Ang iyong ngiti Ayoko na sanang magmahal Ayoko na sanang umibig pa Ayoko na sanang masaktan Ang puso kong laging nagdurusa Ayoko na sanang mabigo At paglaruan ang aking puso Ayoko na sana Ayoko na sana Maraming […]

Ikaw at Ako Pa Rin – Tj Monterde Ft Kz Tandingan

Hmmmmm… Minsa’y pinagtagpo Ngayo’y magkalayo Ngunit di papatalo Sundin lang ang puso Di kailangang pilitin Mas kailangang piliin lang natin Tayo Oh Woah Kahit ano man ang mangyari Sa dulo laging may bahag-hari Magkaiba man ang mundo Umulan Bumagyo pangako, Ikaw pa rin at ako Hmmmmm… Tayo’y magkatabi Ngunit sating panaginip lang Sa bawat araw […]

Fall – Palisades

I wanna fall And never once look back I wanna know I make you feel like that I wanna make this the start of something So can you say that you want it all? Yeah (When you’re out there you just wanna have fun) Got me paranoid caught up in the feels I don’t even […]

Memories – Palisades

I remember when you looked at me When you saw me for who I was When you never knew me for who I wasn’t Now we pass by and we say nothing I remember when life was young Singing things like the same old songs, yeah I remember when you told me I was going […]